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I have received permission to modify all gifs on this page.

Updated 14 March 2017

The Gifs

This is my version of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, affectionaly known as "KATY". However, the MKT I model is in May 2000 (ala KCS). Below is an adventure in creating or modifying Gifs for the MKT/BKTY/OKKT railroads (of which the BKTY and OKKT are subsidiaries). Also my desire to model Miss KATY in the new millennium without the UP merger.

Specifics about the proto-freelanced MKT

MKT Roster as of May 1, 2000 (from old OER's, other sources, and my protofreelance): OER

MKT System Map as of January 1, 2000: System Map

MKT Timetable as of May 1, 2000: Timetable

MKT Northern & Southern Division Linear Charts: Linear Charts

General Code of Operating Rules as of April 10, 1994: Operating Rules

MKT List of Train Symbols: Designators

Specifics about the HO modeled MKT

MKT Switch List (based off Marty Quass' creation): Form 100-c

MKT Form 112-c (based off a UP form I gleamed of the net): Form 112-c

MKT's Business Partners: Connections


GP15-1 - Ex-UP & BNSF units
GP38-2 by Chris Denbow as delivered
GP38-2 #304 painted in Barriger Heritage Scheme
SD40-2 Courtesy of Chris Denbow
SD40-2 - ex-UP & BNSF

Rolling Stock

ACF Covered Hopper
PS-2 Covered Hopper - as delivered
PS-2 Covered Hopper - repaint
BKTY Covered Hopper - as delivered & repaint
Trinity Cement Service Hopper - as delivered & repaint
PS-2 Covered Hopper - repaints & as delivered
PS-2CD Covered Hopper
GATX Covered Hopper - MKT owned
GATX Covered Hopper - BKTY original & repaint
Ex-OKKT Covered Hopper
Ex-OKKT PS-2 Low Side Covered Hopper
BKTY Covered Hopper - PS-2 & ACF
GATX Covered Hopper - BKTY and MKT
Ex-OKKT Boxcars
BKTY Coil Gondola - original & repaint
Coil Car - MKT Owned
60' Flat - as delivered & repaint
60' Heavy Duty & Bulk Head Flat Car
Beet Car built from old 40' Boxcar - RETIRED 1988
52' Gondola - as delivered & repainted
65' Gondola - as delivered & repainted
Coal Hopper - MKT & BKTY reporting marks
Homebuilt TOFC Flat & ACF Coal Hopper - RETIRED 1988
Trinity Coal Hopper - ex-ITEL & as delivered
Greenville Hopper - purchased 1989; MKT Coal Hopper repaint
50' Hi-Cube & Double Door Boxcar
50" ACF Boxcar - original & repaint
50' ACF Boxcar - "silver" roof
62' PS&F Boxcar - beer service
60' ACF Auto Parts Boxcar
Tri-Level Autorack - with & without side panels
Bi-Level Autorack - as delivered
Bi-Level & Tri-Level Autorack - repaint & as delivered
86' Auto-Cube Boxcar - as delivered & repaint

Caboose Fleet

Wide Vision Caboose - President's Car
Wide Vision Caboose by Chris Denbow - MOST RETIRED 1988
Bi-Centennial Wide Vision Caboose
Ex-OKKT, nee-CRI&P WV Caboose - RETIRED 1988
Homebuilt Transfer Caboose - RETIRED 1988
Homebuilt End Cupola Caboose - RETIRED 1988
Homebuilt Bay Window & Transfer Caboose RETIRED 1988

MOW Non-Revenue Rolling Stock

Hi-Rail Truck - origianlly drawn by Erik Rasmussen
Homebuilt Track Inspection Car
MOW Wheel Flatcar & Boxcar
MOW Tank Car
MOW Tank Car
MOW Ballast Hopper - as delivered & repainted
PS-2 Company Sand Service Covered Hopper
Company Fuel Tank Car - as delivered & repaint - RETIRED 1988
UTLX built Company Fuel Tank Car

If you want to use any of these gifs drop me an email to let me know. Thanks!

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