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I have received permission to modify all gifs on this page.

Updated 16 July 2004

Rolling Stock: Real and Protofreelanced

Georgia Road Biz Cars - proto-freelanced railroad

SATX Bethgon Coal Hoppers Empty

SATX Bethgon Coal Hoppers Loaded

FPPX Thrall Coal Hopper Loaded (Original Equipment)

FPPX Bethgon Coal Hoppers Loaded

FPPX Bethgon Coal Hoppers Empty

L&N Rotary Dump Service Coal Hopper

PPG 40' 17,360 Gallon Chemical Tank Car

Burlington Northern 50' GATX Airslide Hopper

DODX 50' Tank Car

WCHX 50' Tank Car (A tribute to my Dad) ALSO A REAL REPORTING MARK!

Seaboard Coast Line PS-2 3 Bay Grain Hopper

Seaboard System PS-2 3 Bay Grain Hopper

Southern PS-2 3 Bay Grain Hopper

Dolese Trinity Hopper

Vulcan Ortner Hopper

Vulcan Ortner Hopper (New Scheme)

Georgetown Railroad Hopper

Georgetown Railroad Gondola

N&W Proto-Freelanced Bi-Level Autoracks

MP Bi-Level Autorack

Rock Island Tri-Level Autorack

International Paper Log Flat (brand new)

UCSX Log Flat (brand new)

If you want to use any of these gifs drop me an email to let me know. Thanks!

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